Driving a car on Tenerife

Those who are a bit used to driving a car abroad will certainly not experience any problems in Tenerife. Driving is no more hectic than in the Dutch Randstad and compared to the Spanish mainland, driving in Tenerife is less aggressive. The roads are generally excellent. What you have to take into account is that many villages have narrow streets. Also pay attention to the signs regarding one-way traffic (common) and continuous streets. The height differences make driving in Tenerife different from ours. You should not be afraid to drive on sometimes quite winding and narrow mountain roads if you are going to discover some parts of Tenerife. This is especially true for the north and northwest.

Make your bends neatly, brake well on the engine where necessary and sound your horn for a while before you take a blind turn. Due to these types of roads, you also have to take into account that it takes you much longer to cover distances. To give an example, it takes you twice as much time to travel from Puerto de la Cruz to Playa de las Americas through Teide National Park than it takes via the TF-1 Motorway.

Traffic rules

Anyone with a valid B driving license can / can drive in Tenerife. The rules hardly deviate from ours. For example, you may not have more than 0.5 per mille alcohol in your blood (novice drivers 0.3 per mille) when you get behind the wheel. Alcohol checks are held regularly, especially on the arterial roads of popular tourist spots. Seat belts are compulsory (also in the back). Children must be transported in a car seat until the age of two. Calls can only be made hands-free. Just like with us, driving with a phone in your hands gives you a hefty fine here if you get caught. The official speed limits are 50 km / h in built-up areas, 90 km / h outside built-up areas, 100 km / h on motorways and 120 km / h on motorways. Pay close attention to the signs, because it is not uncommon for an adjusted speed limit to apply. For example, it is 40 kilometers per hour in many tourist areas. In addition to a few flash cabinets, which are mainly located on the TF-1, the police also conduct active speed controls.

Autorijden in tenerife

Rent a car

There are sufficient providers of rental cars. If you want to be sure of a certain category of car and you are not faced with surprises in terms of price, it is best to book your rental car in advance. The offer is quite scarce, especially within some rental categories. This is especially true for seven-seater cars, convertibles and SUVs. The major international chains do business in Tenerife, such as Hertz, Avis and Europcar. Larger local providers are Cicar and  Goldcar. Pay close attention to the conditions when renting out. What is and what is not included? What about insurance and deductible? What do you pay for a second driver? These are all things you should take with you when comparing the landlords. An increasingly applied trick with car rental companies is the rule that you are obliged to purchase a full tank of fuel and that you can return the car with an empty tank. It is not difficult to guess that few will succeed. Every liter of fuel left in the car is pure profit for the lessor.

If you book a car in the Netherlands (or elsewhere) through an intermediary and pay the car in advance, you must take into account that you have no guarantee with regard to the rental amount. If the intermediary goes bankrupt before you pick up your car, you have lost your money and the landlord (another company) will not give you a car. After all, he has not received his money from the landlord. Travel organizations are also seen as brokers or intermediaries. Cover by the SGR guarantee fund only applies if the car is part of a package holiday. We do not want to say that you should not rent from an intermediary, but we want to indicate that you take a (incidentally quite small) financial risk. The closer you book to Tenerife before your departure, the lower the risk.

In recent years we have mainly rented from Sunny Cars. This company has been active in the Dutch market as a car rental broker since the 1980s and has built a very good reputation during that time. It is not without reason that many travel agencies and travel organizations have been working with Sunny Cars for years. The main reasons for us to rent through Sunny Cars is the fact that they do not cooperate with parties such as Goldcar and that you always have all-inclusive insurance.

Take a look at the rental cars of Sunny Cars in Tenerife

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