Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is a relatively new tourist area in Tenerife that started when Playa de las Americas grew at the seams sometime in the 1990s. New hotels and apartments were started on the coast. Some well-known examples are the stately / gaudy Bahia del Duque or the luxury RIU hotels that have a reasonably expensive price tag. The public wanted to bring back that Tenerife started to turn its back on building the beautiful and luxurious Costa Adeje. With success, because Costa Adeje has become one of the most popular resorts on the sunny south side of the island of Tenerife. The strength of the success lies mainly in the fact that the cheap accommodations, catering establishments and shops have actually been managed well.

What does Costa Adeje have to offer?

Actually all the ingredients you expect from a sun holiday. Beach, sun, boulevard, tapas, water, sangría …  You name it ,  Costa Adeje has it!

The beating heart of Costa Adeje is the kilometer-long boulevard, which runs all the way to Playa de las Américas. You will find several bays and beaches along the boulevard. The most famous is Playa El Duque, a beach that is wonderfully sheltered. Sunbathing is possible here, sunbeds and umbrellas are rented on most beaches. Very handy, because burning here is faster than you think.

Where you will find beaches and bays on one side of the boulevard, you will find numerous restaurants on the other side. Tapas bars are not lacking, but you can also enjoy changing international specialties.

Do you not only want liveliness during the day, but also in the evening and night hours? Around the harbor you will find several cozy cafes. For clubs and discos you can walk towards Playa de las Américas.

Beautiful seaside resort

After a lead time of about fifteen years, Costa Adeje has fully matured. All undeveloped land has now been virtually filled up. The promenade along the sea and beaches is in top condition and beautifully equipped with the mature flora.

The shopping centers are almost entirely filled with shops. Although there were companies that were originally located here turned upside down after the crisis of 2008. The super rich continued to spend their money, but normal or slightly higher wages still looked at what they spent their money on. Ultimately, this led to the stores having a difficult time. But they have learned, so their offer is fine-tuned to the demand of the tourists.

In the fairly luxurious shopping center, you can still see luxury brands such as Cartier, Escada and Rolex. However, there is also room for a shop that focuses purely on fashion for Russian ladies. It is about the more striking prints in combination with models that, for example, are quickly seen as too striking by Dutch or German women.


With Russians, an important group was immediately mentioned who visit Costa Adeje. Together with the Germans they form a reasonable part of the group of tourists who come here to celebrate their holidays. Nationalities that you see quite a lot here are Belgians, Dutch, Spaniards and English.

Costa Adeje has an audience that is richer and older on average compared to Playa de las Americas. Families with children are less common here than in the other seaside resorts. That has nothing to do with not being suitable as a destination for children, but especially with the fact that it can be quite a pricey thing for a family with children to have a holiday here. Spending the night on Costa Adeje has a price tag that is on average higher than elsewhere on Tenerife.


The largest shopping center is Plaza del Duque, which with its round shape forms a fairly striking heart within Costa Adeje. During the day it is quite quiet here, but once the sun has set it gets considerably busier here. This also applies to the much smaller Shopping Center Mirador. The name Mirador literally means viewpoint and that is what you have here. It is especially the restaurants that are so worthwhile here. In terms of ambiance, this is one of the nicer places in Tenerife to enjoy a delicious dinner at the end of the day. A third shopping center is Paris Shopping Center. To be honest, we don’t find this shopping center very special.

El Duque beach

The El Duque beach is an important attraction in Costa Adeje. The brown-yellow fine sandy beach is surrounded by the luxurious Bahia del Duque hotel, Mirador shopping center and the pedestrian boulevard that takes you all the way to Los Cristianos from Costa Adeje via Playa de las Americas. On many days the El Duque beach is wonderfully sheltered from the wind. However, there are also days when the wind comes from the south or southwest. Then the sea is very rough. There are also red flags on the beach to warn against the very strong current that is then in the surf. Many an experienced swimmer has underestimated the situation and has run into problems due to the strong current.

Traveling to Costa Adeje

If you are not staying in one of the hotels in Costa Adeje you can go to Costa Adeje by taxi, bus or rental car. Keep in mind that parking near the beach can be tricky at times. The number of parking spaces outside that of the hotels themselves are quite scarce. Don’t think that you just leave the car at a hotel. These areas are exclusively for guests and are nowadays almost without exception screened off for non-guests.

A day of water fun in Siam Park

Are you going for a family vacation in Costa Adeje? Put Siam Park on the program. We previously wrote about this great water park and continue to proclaim it; this is perhaps the best water park in all of Europe! And also one of the largest, because it has a surface of no less than 185,000 m².

The park is a series of slides. Funnel slides alternate with free fall slides (up to 28 meters!). In addition to the many slides, you will find a beautiful sandy beach, a wave pool and a  lazy river.

Even more trips in and around Costa Adeje

If you want to see more of the island (because it has quite a lot to offer!), Rent a car through us immediately when booking. Or ask on the spot about the possibilities for excursions.

In any case, we recommend that you visit the  Teide National Park , where you will find the volcano of the same name. This is over 3,700 m high and also the highest point in Spain. You can travel up to an altitude of 3,550 m. A great view guaranteed!

However, you do not necessarily have to drive a car to enjoy yourself. There is also plenty to do in and around Costa Adeje. Some examples?

  • A covered market takes place every week in the Torviscas district. Opposite the shopping center of El Duque there is also a market twice a week.
  • Step on one of the many boats in the port of Costa Adeje and go see dolphins. Fun with children: sail with a pirate ship along the approx. 600 m high rock walls at Los Gigantes. Impressive!
  • Golf enthusiasts can play a round at the Costa Adeje golf course. This has no less than 27 holes and is therefore one of the most popular courses in Tenerife.

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